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lagooffice is a product of Lagooffice inc, which is a pragmatic Technology companies, hope to make simple and practical products, truly solve the core needs for users. We firmly believe that a really easy to use product can win the word of the market.

About lagooffice

Since Microsoft introduced Excel 4.0a in 1993 , it has been 25 years. Year of Excel with its intuitive outstanding computational and graphics functions, making operation in the field of computer data is no longer a scientist.

But after 25 years, various types of business systems, spreadSheet systems, reporting systems, analysis systems and databases based on data, let us discover again, The use of data has become a kind of " professional skill " . We are once again trapped by different systems, because each system has different rules and requirements for the format, storage and use of data. We have to learn and use multiple systems, and these systems are not connected. .

Why, after 25 years, the data has become more and more different, and it is getting more and more difficult to be used by the public. Based on powerful formulas, conditions, diagrams, and languages, Excel allows us to create virtually any data system on top of it, a free, open, and on-demand approach to data usage. We hope that we can use the Internet to reinterpret Excel 's pursuit of freedom and openness in data, and to give it new value, and finally let the application data become a daily ability that everyone can do.

This is why we created lagooffice , a product that has most of Excel 's features and allows multiple people to collaborate in real time. You can think of it: Excel + Multiplayer Real Time Collaboration + Data Uniqueness = lagooffice .

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