Collaboratively creating spreadsheets online

lagooffice made Excel networking possible, and bid farewell to emails and whatsapp. You only need to import local files to enable multiple people to share edited documents, and you can also set access permissions.

Data Permissions Flexible and configurable

Freely set up collaborators' viewing and editing permissions

Perfect permissions to meet complex business scenarios

Enterprise, Team File Sharing System

Windows-like desktops, managing files is easier

Advanced Document Retrieval System for Second Query

Humanized file collection, message do not disturb function

Data privatization, more private, and more secure

Data is deployed to your own server

Data exists on a private cloud or enterprise local server, and the version can be freely upgraded, depending on customer needs

Customized deployment solution, flexible and controllable.

Complete integration of enterprise-owned systems

Unlike Microsoft Office, lagooffice is purely self-developed and can seamlessly connect to enterprise-owned systems,

Get through the silos of information and turn data into assets.

Full-featured for everyone

  • Sales department

    The data of each sales link (cue, business opportunity, order, process tracking) can be entered at any time, view analysis, multi-person sharing refined management CRM, performance improvement is very obvious
  • Personnel Department

    We use lagooffice to implement the functions of employee performance appraisal staff roster management, KPI performance management ability evaluation staff reward and punishment records.
  • Production Department

    lagooffice can be used for equipment inspection, inventory counting and storage statistics, production demand management and other functions to greatly facilitate our production.
  • Customer Service Department

    In the receiving service department, we built the after-sales registration system with lagooffice, and 50 customer service registered the receipt problem at the same time, the efficiency is at least 3 times
  • Purchasing Department

    lagooffice can be used for procurement planning management, reporting, modification, and approval of procurement plans, and automatic summary procurement planning is automatically assigned by buyer
  • Product Development

    Using product schedules to quickly update project progress, track product development and launch, and control the speed of product iterations, and solve the problem of poor communication with complex project tools


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